The importance of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the study of search engine optimization, that is, how to effectively improve a website’s ranking in search results. This is an important topic for businesses of all sizes, as it can help increase traffic and sales.

Technical SEO involves identifying what elements of a website are most important to the user and then working on optimizing those aspects. For example, if you have a product page with lots of images and reviews, that may not be very important to users looking for information about your product. Your best bet might be to focus on optimizing your content so that users can find what they need quickly and easily.

How does Technical SEO work?

The main thing technical SEO involves is using tools like website analytics software or keyword research tools such as Google Trends or Moz Keyword Explorer to identify which keywords your customers are using to search for products like yours. You then use those keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags and other parts of your site’s code so that when someone searches for one of these terms or phrases (or their synonyms), they automatically see an optimized version of your page appears at the top of their results list in

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